Windows 7 Startup Error 0xC000000E

Bootmgr is Missing Press Ctrl Alt Del Error Message – Diskpart Repair

This is the alternate solution  of the error Bootmgr is missing in Windows 7 Desktop and Laptop Computer. Using DISKPART to Set the Windows Partition Active, DISKPART Command can be used from the Repair Disc or Windows 7 Installer  to set the Windows  partition active.

Before following the procedure, be sure to configure your bios setting to boot first in USB or DVD first before the hard disk drive.

Watch the Video of Configuring BIOS Setting to Boot First in DVD or USB

    • Turn in the PC with the Windows 7 or USB Installer Disc
    • Select Repair
    • Select  Command Prompt
    •  Start DISKPART by running the following command: x:>diskpart
    • DISKPART will start and you will be at the “DISKPART>” command prompt
    • List  drives by entering  the  command list disk
    • The installed drives will be listed
    • You need to select the disk drive that contains the Windows 7 Operating System Partition which needs to be set active
    • select the Disk 0
    • Select the appropriate disk drive by typing and entering in the command prompt  “select disk 0”
    • The next step is to list  the partition
    • To see the list of partitions on the selected disk drive
    • Run the command  “list partition”
    • Select the partition which needs to be set active. In this example, Partition 2 is the desired partition. Since the partition one is use as system reserve during the installation of Windows 7 Operating System
    • Select partition 2
    • Set the selected partition active by typing and entering  following command  “active”
    • exit DISKPART

Then eixt the command prompt and restart the computer

Watch the Video of Bootmgr is Missing Press Ctrl Alt Del Diskpart Repair

Bootmgr is missing

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