Dap 1360 Wireless Configuration

D-link DAP 1360 Wireless N Access Point Installation Configuration Guide

For non technical  users, this kind of device (Access Point, Bridge, Repeater) sounds strange.

    • how the access point works?
    • how to configure and connect the device?
    • What configuration should be compatible to my home network?
    • is it okay to use this settings?
    • how to setup security settings, blocking and filtering access, etc?

But actually lets not cover all the above topic regarding the different connection settings configuration (its too broad to discussed).

The Dlink DAP 1360 Wifi device comes  with original power adapter,  1 LAN port (10/100 Mbps) and two external detachable Antenna including 1 UTP Cable.

The installation of dap 1360 Wireless N Access Point is straight forward. If you have existing network running, just insert the LAN cable to DAP 1360 Access Point.

Watch the Video How to Connect the Device

I connect the DAP 1360 Device to my Modem which the modem also act as Wireless Router. I don’t know what  to call this kind  of device. I just called it a modem router. Correct me if I’m wrong.

By the way this is the device I called Modem Router

The device model is p61 series Zyxel p-661h-d1

I connect the  LAN Cable to one of its 4 port LAN Connection of Zyxel P61 series to Access Point device. After Connecting the device, I Open my Windows 8 Dell Laptop and search  the newly connected wireless device ( DAP 1360 Access Point ). Then I configure the device  step by step.

All the thing I did is answering the device questions. In this kind of configuration you don’t need to be a techie. All you have to do is to understand the question and remember all the answer you’ve entered.

Watch the Video How to to this Setup

In this step by step configuration the device will ask to you regarding the PIN Code. It is located at the back of the router, you need to write it to a piece of paper before you proceed the installation.
After the installation of Dlink access point, you can now connect the device and you can now start browsing the net.

If you need to know or do manual configuration, you can access the device by typing in your web browser http://dlinkap

Watch the Video Regarding Manual Configuration

Inside the device you can modify the existing configuration, setup a device password, enable dhcp server, limit wifi access, reset the configuration settings or change the browser login such http://dlinkap to your desired company name like this http://techrepair.