Dell n4050 Desassembling

Dell Inspiron N4050 Complete Disassembling Guide

Wanted to upgrade or replace the memory, hard disk, you want to fix some problem of your laptop? Here is some guide to disassemble and locate the hardware device you want to upgrade or replace the following laptop:

  • Dell N4050
  • Dell N5040
  • Dell N5050
  • Dell N5040

In this laptop, the processor can be upgraded, memory can be upgraded, the graphic card is built into the motherboard, the hard drive is upgradeable to a higher storage size or Solid State Drive (SSD).

Dell Inspiron N4050 complete  laptop parts removal

In this Tutorial you have to remove the screw located at the back of the computer. Next, remove the Dell Keyboard and finally eliminate the casing of the laptop to see the laptop parts including the hard disk drive and processor.