LOL Download and Installation

Fix League of Legends LOL Problem Cannot Install or Play

Playing the LOL games is fun. But of course, you have to install it on your computer. This online game requires a high-speed internet connection.  1.5 Mbps stable Internet connection is enough to play as long as the server is located locally.

The Installation Process

First, the league of legends (Lol) needs garena messenger before you can install and play it.

Or just install the LOL Game through Garena Messenger. Just download the Garena Messenger and of course, don’t forget to sign-up.

The installation of League of Legends and Garena Messenger Video tutorial

After the installation patching is the next step, you can do this by opening the League of legends icon on your desktop, then the program “garena messenger” will open. This program allows you to log in, then the LOL will check if you have the latest updates in your system. If there is you’ll need to wait a little longer  depending on how big is it, the program will automatically download the patch and intall.


The Trouble:

The installation and patching works normal

Local time zone

You expect that everything is good but when you try to play it, there’s a pop-up message appears security certificate. With this problem you have to deal the clock issue, just check your computer time is according to the local time zone. This is a common problem of online gaming, if your time is different from your place, you are unable to play it. To fix the problem, just adjust the date and time of your computer, it is located at the bottom right corner of your monitor

You can play with another computer but not in your machine

You try to install to another computer with the same procedure. Then the game is working and you can play it. The questions come into your mind. Why do I can’t play the games on another computer with the same hardware specifications?

This is a common problem when the computer is using a modified version of Windows or custom installation of Windows. You can fix the problem by downloading the Windows patches through Windows Updates.

This kind of problem is the most common problem I’ve encounter. If windows update is not available, just reinstall the operating system (that is Windows XP or Windows 7) using its default settings.

Other ways to fix the problem

    • Check if the program is not blocked in your Windows Firewall
    • Check if it’s not blocked in your Router’s Firewall
    • Be sure there’s no Virus in computer
    • Be sure you have a stable internet connection

Download Files

The Game Download size is at approximately 5 Gb.


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