Smart Philippines plugit

Globe Broadband plug it cannot connect error message

This problem might applicable to the following network

  • Globe Network
  • Smart Network
  • Sun Network
Because the configuration settings of the device is identical to each other

The problem appears when  replacing  the damage parts  notebook PC  (the internal  disk drive) .

The procedure of repairing the problem are:

    • Replacing the disk drive
    • Preparing the tools for clean installation
    • Format hard disk
    • Install Operating System Windows XP
    • Install drivers ( chipset, audio drivers, network, video, touchpad, etc)
    • Install additional web browser “the Mozilla Firefox”
    • Install plugins such as adobe reader, adobe flash player, java, audio and video codecs, quicktime, etc
    • Install Antivirus Software for virus protection
    • Install Microsoft Office 2007 and some application software like audio and video downloader and media converter
  • Then deleting the unnecessary files created during the installation

The last part is the usb plug it and together with some system tweaks . After all it can’t connect to Smartbro Internet and even can’t install the  software built-in or located inside the device internal memory.

This solution also works to other network such as Sun Broadband Wifi Stick and Globe Tattoo plug-it. Since the device use for their wireless connectivity is identical to each other, the only difference is the network settings.

The trouble I encounter:

    • Cannot Install This Hardware
    • Cannot Install This Hardware, Cannot find the file Specified
    • Appears normal but cannot connect
    • Tried and tested to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8 Operating System and it’s all working fine
    • cannot connect please try again later error message
  • You can’t click the connect button
To fix the error to the said unit,  I try to experiment some tough solution, the reprogramming or reformatting of  Windows Operating System. At that time, I  installed a fresh copy of  Modified Windows XP operating system.

Smart Broadband Smart bro plug-it Installation

When plugging in the Smart Broadband, Smart bro plug it ( known as Smartbro usb) into Windows XP Notebook usb port; the installation process of  drivers kick in.

The ending  part is the most irritating  message appears on the bottom right corner of my monitor screen
“Cannot Install This Hardware” then “Cannot Install This Hardware, Cannot find the file Specified”
 Installing and uninstalling the Smart broadband usb stick driver and software doesn’t work at all.

Back to the Web Browser

This moment in front of the web browser, I’m suspecting  that the error message is cause by damage software built-in to the USB Stick of Smart Broadband .

It took me an hour searching and searching  the web, just to discover what I want the program for the Huawei MF190b plug it. When the download is over, I extracted the  compressed file. The sad part is  the file itself is password protected.

I really hate people sharing their stuff online and let someone   download it.  But in the end, you will asked them how to unlock it. For the people doing like this, keep it to  yourself, don’t upload it.

Searching is Over

After an hour searching again, Finally I got the drivers and software for it. This time I uninstall the driver and software of Smart Broadband USB Stick Through Add/Remove programs located in Windows XP Control Panel. The next process is  deleting the left over of un-installation (the temporary files and the start menu folder) and then restart the computer once.

The Exciting Moment

Excited to test the device; restart the notebook computer; plug the smartbro plug-it; open the smart bro program, the result is,  can’t still  connect.  The connect button is unclickable either. As far as I know it will automatically connect to the internet seconds or within a few minute after the device plug to USB Port of the Desktop or Notebook PC. Observe and testing it for two days, but none is changing.

The signal frequency  is high and its in 3G mode indicator looks good and I know that its more than enough the requirements set by Smartbro plug it device to connect.

Upgrading the Windows Operating System Doesn’t Work

So I decided to upgrade the Windows XP OS to full version, because I thought maybe the trouble is the Operating System itself, since it’s a lite version (means some of system files are not installed). But before doing it, I uninstalled first the drivers and program of Smartbro usb stick to avoid future problem.

After the upgrade, here I am again! Reinstalling some plugins of browser like adobe products (the adobe flashplayer) and seems everything works fine.

Then proceed to Smartbro plug it software installation of drivers and software. This time, I did not use the downloaded software that came from South America. I used the legit program and drivers built in to the device.

The installation process goes very well, the plug it device drivers and software installed properly. After the installation, restart the computer and wait a little while. Connect the plug it, the the smartbro program automatically launch. Waiting to connect to the internet…. and waiting.. and waiting.. oops something not normal here. The device appears not connected at all. This time, I clicked the Connect button. All I’ve got is nothing the same problem I’ve encounter before the upgrade. I already checked all the network and device  settings and compared to Smart Website  but none is working.

Last Resort: The Frustrating Part of Troubleshooting Experiment

My last option is getting another installer of full version Windows XP Operating system , install the drivers , updated the patches, in install adobe products and java plugins, etc. Then plug in the Smartbro plug it into the usb port of notebook computer and then install the drivers and software located inside the removable storage device.After installation, I remove the Smartbro USB Stick to the computer’s usb port and restart the SONY VAIO Notebook . Plug the usb stick device again and whoa! The result is so surprising, the internet is now connected to the web.

I can do Facebook, Youtube, MP3 Download using the free downloader program.I turn off the computer and take some rest for half  day. Then turn on the computer to check any error that has not yet discover. Windows XP loads normally, antivirus program and internet security software loads at startup propertlyIt wasted my time for  2 clean installation of Windows XP SP3 Lite version,  2 upgrade to full version and 3 clean install of Windows XP Sp3 and 4 days effort   to solve this simple problem.


Repair Conclusions

Therefore I Found out that the problem is in the operating system itself. You have to check first if your computer system has latest patch installed, no corrupted files and free from any harmful programs in the internet