Disk to Disk Clone

How to Clone Hard Disk Drive

If you feel that your hard disk drive may fail anytime. Don’t wait it to happen, buy a new hard disk  and clone the data from your  failing drive.

Steps to clone the hard disk

  • attached second hard disk to the computer
  • attached cdrom or dvdrom to the computer or usb drive
  • turn on the computer
  • while initializing start-up press Delete or F2 key on the keyboard to Enter the Bios Setup
  • go to advance features setup
  • set the boot order to first boot device = CDROM or usb
  • press F10 to save the bios configuration and exit the setup

at the Hirens menu selection

  • select start bootCD
  • select backup tools
  • select norton ghost
  • ghost (normal)
  • The message appear do you want to delete swap file, select no
  • Click local – disk – to disk
  • Select the drive to clone
  • Select destination drive
  • Read and accept all warnings
  • then proceed cloning

Watch the Cloning of Hard Disk Drive Using Hirens Bootcd – Video guide

Download the Hirens Boot CD or Boot USB here