Epson General Error Message

Repair Epson Stylus Photo R2xx and R3xx Printer General Error Problem

Turning on the printer then the ink button and paper feed button flashes in color red simultaneously or your computer display the message general error.

This Error Applicable to the ff model: Epson  R310, Epson R220, Epson R210, Epson R350, Epson R220, Epson R230 and some countries have the same type of printer but I don’t the equivalent model.

The following printer has two sensor, one located at the back of the printer and the other one is in the printer head.

The common cause and repairable general error problem are:

  • dust at the paper sensor
  • dust at printer head sensor
  • wet sensor at the printer head caused by leak cartridge

To fix the problem, you may clean the sensor and the cable by wiping a cloth or tissue and dry it. If not working, just replace the sensor with a new one or find a surplus or damage printer related to it.

If the  problem persist, you may either have a problem one of these:

  • motor in  which the printer head belt is attach
  • damage printer board
  • damage printer head

To fix the problem, you may replace the part one by one.

Watch the Video of General Error Sensor Problem