Windows 7 MSconfig

Repair Slow loading in Windows XP and Windows 7 Startup

There are a lot of ways to speed up the startup of your windows operating system. Some of them are installing a third party software and do there job automatically. But why do you spend a few hundred bucks when you can do it by simply following these procedures.

The number of programs that launch at start up is the most common problem. The methods listed here  will work from Windows xp to Windows 7.

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The thing you do is to start the computer and then look in the system tray. If you see a lot of icon things in there, then it may be the time to change what launches at startup.Typically you will be able to find a way to disable the program from automatically starting with Windows.

The next option is :

  • Click the Start Button for windows xp or windows logo button for windows 7 and vista
  • Select ‘Run’ for windows xp or search for windows 7 and vista
  • In the box type ‘msconfig’ without the quotes
  • Click OK or hit the enter key in your keyboard



The system configuration panel – click on “startup” tab. There is a list of programs  that run at start up. Un-check the ones that you don’t want to have run at start up. In my experienced it’s okay to unchecked all the selections except the anti-virus. After selecting the list of program, click okay and restart the computer.