Epson T13x Converted to Continous Ink

The Epson Ink Pad Reset (IPR) Epson Universal Reset Utility Download

Epson Ink Pad Reset (IPR) info:

To reset the Ink Pad Counter, download the Ink Pad Reset Utility from the website The Ink Pad Reset Utility software currently runs on Windows operating systems: XP(32/64) and Vista(32/64). If you want to run it on Windows 7, just right click the program and set the Windows XP Operating System Compatibility Mode.

Click here to Download Epson Resetter Utility.

You do not need to have the printer driver or status monitor software installed to use the utility. Once downloaded, launch the program and follow the prompts. Some older products do not need a reset utility and can be reset by holding several panel buttons down during power-up of the printer.

List of supported Epson Printer Model of Epson Reset IPR Utility Software:

    • Epson 1280
    • Epson 1290
    • Epson 1400
    • Epson 1410
    • Epson CX3500
    • Epson CX3700
    • EpsonCX3800
    • Epson CX3805
    • EpsonCX3810
    • Epson CX3900
    • Epson CX4000
    • Epson CX4100
    • Epson CX4200
    • Epson CX4500
    • Epson CX4600
    • Epson CX4700
    • Epson CX4800
    • Epson CX4900
    • Epson CX5000
    • Epson CX5900
    • Epson CX6000
    • Epson CX6600
    • Epson CX7700
    • Epson CX7800
    • Epson R1800
    • Epson R200
    • Epson R210
    • Epson R220
    • Epson R2400
    • Epson R260
    • Epson R270
    • Epson R300
    • Epson R320
    • Epson R340
    • Epson R380
    • Epson R390
    • Epson R800
    • Epson RX580
    • Epson RX590
    • Epson RX600
    • Epson RX620
    • Epson CX6500

and some Epson picturemate printer model


  • george mendonca 6 years ago

    Worked great for my Epson CX6000, and it was free!!

  • Debora Enock Fumbuka 5 years ago

    thanks a lot .I did it

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