Virus Removal Worm

The Rootkit VBS Virus That Change Files and Folders Change to Shortcut Icon

Confuse why the files inside your removable device creates a shortcut icon folder, beware  maybe  your file and folders is infected with  a virus name ztorsftdgh.vbs. This kind of virus resides into your computer, some free anti-virus hardly detect this, confusing some users that they were not infected this.

Such as one of my customer argued me that his computer is not even infected with ztorsftdgh vbs. But he can’t even explain why all the files in his flash drive changed to shortcut icon.

You can’t easily remove this with free antivirus. But just try my guide, first update your virus definitions or install and the next step is show the hidden files and folders in your Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating System.

These are the things you should uncheck :
    • Select Show hidden files, folders, or drives
    • Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types
  • Unchecked Hide protected operating files (recommended)

The selection is located in My Computer, Tools Menu , Folder Options, View Tab. In Windows 7 the Tools Menu  Options is hidden by default; you can access it  by holding the alt key and press t on your keyboard.

After the Selection you may scan your computer and let’s see if your anti-virus figure this ztorsftdgh vbs virus. Once your system detect this and delete it, that is your lucky day, if not you may change your anti-virus program if you have a free version.

Once the Virus is deleted you may now safely insert your external storage device and run a full scan, but remember all the shortcut folder and files will be deleted and it appears that there’s no file inside your flash drive.