Epson T13x Converted to Continous Ink

Epson T13x Four (4) Colors Inkjet Printer General Error Problem

This  guide is applicable  to the following model of printer:

  • Epson  T13 Printer
  • Epson T13x Printer
  • Epson T22e Printer
  • Epson N11 Printer
  • Epson T22 Printer
  • Epson  S22 Printer
  • Epson 3 in 1 TX121 Printer

When Epson T13x problem displays an error message “General Error”. All you have to do is check the following:

  • obstacle inside the printer which prevent the  head to move left to right
  •  printer is converted to continuous ink system, check first if the hose  is in proper position
  • check the motor where the “black belt of printer head” is attach
Epson T13 hose
General Error Motor

If the above procedure is okay you may either have a problem with printer board or printer head.

“Most likely the printer board”

Most of all before doing any replacement, clean or overhaul first by disassembling the printer; cleaning the dust, lubricant the vital rotating parts and assemble it back. Most of the time this is the most common  answer of “General Error Problem” of Epson T13x Printer.

For Disassembling Guide: Epson T13 Printer Guide Videos

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