Onboard or Video Card Problem

How to Repair Garbage Display or Garbled Text in Desktop Computer

This problem usually happens when your Video Display is damage. But before buying and changing the Graphics Card, just check and troubleshoot first the following item.

  • 1. Clean the motherboard and take away dust
  • 2. Clean the Desktop Computer  memory card (if there are two sticks or more in motherboard slot)
  • 3. If the Video graphics is integrated to Motherboard. Check if the Memory Controller Hub (MCH)  (also known as Northbridge Chips) for possible overheating (if something wrong with Heatsink heat, try to improvised and add some fan on it.
Memory Controller Hub overheating

If the above  the procedure doesn’t work  and the problem  still appear. Here are the steps you can do:

  • Change the Video (graphics) Card
  • If the graphics card is integrated to motherboard, change the motherboard. You may also try to add a Graphics Card in PCI-Express slot, some motherboard works fine on it.