Windows 8 We Couldn’t Create a New Partition Error 0xaab4a9f0

Error 0xaab4a9f0
Upon boot up the laptop goes to disk checking.

Disk checking; scan the entire disk drive for any possible data errors. It runs all night, but it  won’t finish.

The only thing I can do is turn off the laptop by pressing the power button.

When turning  again, same thing happen until the next  startup;

the screen goes blank and it stays there for a while then the message appear “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” or “Insert Boot Media in selected boot device and a key .

Turning off again with the same procedure, but at this time the PC boots automatically in CMOS setup configuration.

bios settings

So I try to repair the problem using its original installer. I used the 4 GB usb thumb  to boot the Windows 8 Operating System installer to repair the error.

When I was in repair settings the error ‘Refresh your PC” “The drive where Windows is installed is locked”  “Unlock the drive and try again”.

windows 8 repair error

There’s no way I can proceed to repair settings menu . I try to used another utility to access the drive but with no avail.

I can’t access the laptop disk drive. Then I went back to  Windows 8 USB disk installer.

I asked her, I will reprogram the computer and all of her files will be deleted. Got her approval!Inserting a Windows 8 usb disk and proceed to installation, the procedure goes fine until the disk selection appears.

windows 8 partition

In this image, something that the hard disk drive went to unrecognized trouble. A trouble that the file system was heavily damage.

So I try to partition it, but it took a little while to process then it only goes to”

“Windows 8 We Couldn’t create a new partition. [Error:0xaab4a9f0]”

Asus VivoBook S400C

So I decided to stop the process since the laptop is under manufacturers warranty. I let the owner  to return where she bought it.

After a month  the manufacturers replace the hard disk drive of the said laptop .

The model of the laptop is Asus VivoBook S400C a touchscreen with a Windows 8 Operating System


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