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Globe Plug it Cannot Connect and install program

Before doing the troubleshooting be sure that your plug it is working properly. First insert the Plug it in USB Port and wait until the program installation appears. Then install the program by clicking next and accept the agreement whatever is it.

The common problem happen of Globe Tattoo plug itcan connect to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8 with a message:
cannot connect please try again later error message
  • Check if the globe bro plug it is working on other system
  • Be sure the globe plug it program is  installed properly
  • Do system clean up such as cleaning temporary files and repairing damage registry entries
  • Uninstall and reinstall the globe plug it program

Globe Problem and Solution Solution, Globe Plug-it Cannot Connect

Try doing the following:

Disable any antivirus software/firewall settings before installing your device. You can enable them once the installation is done. Make sure you have admin privileges on your computer.

  • Click on “My Computer” then open the auto run feature of the device
  • Try plugging your Tattoo stick onto a different computer and see if the same thing happens
  • Go to the nearest Globe store and have your device checked for any defect
  • Check Globe Broadband settings
  • Globe data services settings have been defined correctly

Network Setting: WCDMA / 3G / UMTS Only
Dialed Number: *99***1#


If your antivirus has a feature of bulit-in firewall. try to disable this to isolate the problem.