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Dlink DAP 1360 Cloud Router

Dap-1360 Extend Wireless Internet Connectivity Through Repeater Setup

  Connect the Ethernet cable from computer to the router LAN port. To access the router type or type http://dlinkap to any web browser (Chrome, firefox or safari). The dlink browser interface login page will appear. The default username is “admin” password: “none” After entering the username,  click launch the wireless setup wizard. Click […]

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D-link dap 1360 Router Hard Reset

DAP 1360 Wifi Access Point Hard Reset

If you forgot the username or password of D-link DAP 1360 Wifi Access Points.  All you have to do is find a needle, push the button up to 10 seconds while the device is power on. During Hard Press of the Access Point device, the  lights such as: power, lan, wifi, internet indicator would turn […]

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Smart Philippines plugit

Globe Broadband plug it cannot connect error message

This problem might applicable to the following network Globe Network Smart Network Sun Network Because the configuration settings of the device is identical to each other =============================================================== The problem appears when  replacing  the damage parts  notebook PC  (the internal  disk drive) . The procedure of repairing the problem are: Replacing the disk drive Preparing the […]

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Zyxel P61 series

Configure the Settings of Zyxel p-661h-1 PLDT Modem

The modem/router was from PLDT, some of its  default factory function is modified to  adapt the  Office Settings. Configure your computer LAN address manually: IP Address: 192.168.1.X, where X is any number from 2-254 Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: 2. On your web browser, type 3. Username: admin Password: 1234  or  user: adminpldt and […]

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