Category: Hardware Repair

Download the Free All in Windows Drivers

Upon first installation and once we already install the right program into our computer system , maybe a desktop, a laptop, notebook, netbook including its peripheral. We were happy to that, but after a year of use and encounter a trouble, we need to re-install or reformat the drive, and this is the problem we […]

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Processor Overheat thermal compound

Repair Desktop Computer Processor Overheating Problem

Troubleshooting computer random shutdown; suspect processor overheating Touching the heat sink is my first step to check the problem. If the heat of processor Heat-sink is tolerable, the next step is checking the power supply. If both of them is okay, thats the time I’m going to check the other area of the computer. If […]

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Desktop Power Supply Overheat dust

Maintenance and Cleaning of Computer ATX Power Supply

Cleaning of Computer Power Supply or ATX power supply is very important. This component provide the life of your computer system, so proper care and maintenance is vital for this parts. Now take out your power supply in your system  case, pull out the cable and wire connector  connected into motherboard and peripherals. Then unscrew […]

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Disk to Disk Clone

How to Clone a Hard Disk Drive

If you have a multiple computer with the same specifications. Don’t waste time installing program one by one, it takes you so much time and energy to finish it. All you have to do is just complete the installation  in one computer and copy it to multiple drive. This is what we call Disk Cloning. […]

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Chipset Cooler

Computer Memory or PC Motherboard Problem

The problem of this computer is when you insert the 2 stick of computer memory, the screen turns blue. Both  of them is detected by computer. The trouble is which one of two is faulty, so the first thing I did to isolate the problem. Remove the one stick of memory and let it boot […]

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