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Diskpart Error

Cannot Install Windows operating System

Change a dynamic disk back to a basic disk Cannot Install Windows  Operating System in setup through DVD Drive or USB Drive. First thing to do is check if the disk drive is configured as Dynamic Disk or Basic Disk. When the disk drive where the Windows operating system want to install is dynamic disk, […]

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Windows 7 MSconfig

How to Access and Disable Startup file in Windows 7

Browsing the web, downloading files, downloading and installing programs from the internet and someday you’ve notice that the computer boots up at startup  so slow. It might be the computer full of garbage such as temporary files generated from browsing the web, unnecessary program installed in your computer, web browser addons , etc. These are […]

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LAN Settings

How to Change IP address and DNS Server in Windows 7

The purpose of changing from automatic IP address to manual IP address are when you have a program needed to have a specific address. An example are one of the following: the Internet Café Timer a bundy clock a file server dns server, etc. To Access TCP/IP Address Properties Click Start (Windows Icon) Control Panel […]

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Fix damage usb

Files Appear Trash Inside the Flash Drive

The files inside the flash drive is a combination of documents, pictures, mp3 songs and movie files with mp4 format. But one time when the user insert it to the computer, all the data inside the computer become garbage. The filename were missing and replace with one strange character but there’s no indication what type of […]

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Windows 7 Drive become Ram

The Hard disk Drive Suddenly Become Raw

The common cause of Hard disk drive become raw are: Sudden restart of computer because of power fluctuation Sudden restart because of driver incompatibility Improper shutdown Power Blackout Failing hard disk drive For external drive, it might be removed while transferring files   and not properly ejecting the device The raw error of hard disk drive can […]

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Check Hard Disk for Error

Checking Windows Operating System Hard Drive For Errors

This maintenance is recommended once a month to maintain the disk drive  reliability.  Disk checking  maintenance can check damage file system, folders and fix it own. The Disk Checking Procedure: Open My Computer Right-click the Windows operating system drive that you want to check,  usually C: Click Properties Tap, Click tools under Error-checking, click Check […]

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Windows 7 Missing operating system

Windows 7 Missing Operating System Error at Startup

The common cause of Missing Operating System in Windows 7 are: Sudden restart of computer because of power fluctuation Sudden restart because of driver incompatibility Not shutting down the computer properly Power Blackout Failing hard disk drive The error indicates that the computer did not find any bootable operating system. To fix this missing operating […]

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