Asus K53t Laptop Repair, Disassembling, Assembling and Fan Cleaning

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VGA and HDMI are provided, USB 3.0 is limited to a single port, with two additional USB 2.0 ports. Planning to upgrade the memory, hard disk or you want to fix some problem of your laptop.? Here is the complete guide to disassemble and assemble your ASUS K53T Laptop.

First, of course, remove the battery, remove all the screws at the back of the laptop, use a plastic tool to unlock the cover case.

Slowly pull up the laptop cover with extra care, a lot of cables in the back are connected. Be sure to release it before continuing the procedure such as removing the motherboard or pull up the cover case

Disassembling of ASUS K53T Laptop includes:

Removing Battery
Removing DVD drive
Removing back cover
Removing hard drive
Removing wireless card
Removing Ram
Remove Laptop cover
Removing keyboard
Removing the motherboard
Removing processor and graphics card heatsink, then applying thermal compound
Cleaning Processor Fan
Cleaning the laptop fan
Assemble the laptop

ASUS K53T Laptop Specifications
Operating System: Windows 7 Home, Upgradable
Processor: AMD A6-3400M 1.4 GHz
Hard Disk: 500GB 7200RPM
Memory: 6.00GB DDR3
Graphics: Radeon HD Graphics 3000
Screen Size: 15.6 in, 1366×768
Optical Drive: yes
Network: Yes
Wireless: Yes

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