Epson L355, L300 and Epson L365 Cleaning Head

Published on May 17, 2016 by

If you find out, some color of your printer is not printing correctly. Check first if the continuous ink is not functioning, this is the common problem why your printer not printing correctly because the ink system either have a leak along the hose or some obstacles inside the ink system.

You can use this head cleaning kit when repairing the printer

First, take out the ink system and do this procedure. After the procedure, if it’s still not working, buy a cleaning solution for the printer and follow the procedure on the video or this guide.

the maintenance guide of printer head is applicable on almost Epson inkjet printer.

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  • mwesige bandio 4 years ago

    my printere is notot print black. how to solve this proplem

  • Even 4 years ago

    Sur des video de nettoyage d’EPSON L355, très bien faites !! j’aimerais savoir comment est branché le tube rouge d’évacuation de l’encre de nettoyage ..


  • Rijad 4 years ago

    Same problem. Please help

    • Techrepair 4 years ago

      if the same problem, you need to replace that item