MacBook Pro A1706 Laptop Disassembling and Keyboard Replacement

Published on November 26, 2018 by

MacBook Pro A1706 – keyboard replacement part 1

In this video, we need to replace the keyboard of the MacBook pro. But before doing that, assembling entire parts of the laptop is a must. Disassembling mac computer is not as simple compare to windows laptop.

planning to upgrade the memory, hard disk or you want to fix some problem of your laptop.? Here is the complete guide to disassemble your MacBook Pro A1706 Laptop.

First, remove all the screws at the back of the laptop, then remove the cover disconnect the battery and you are ready to go. But be careful in disassembling especially the connector.

In this video it shows the following:

Disassembling of MacBook Pro A1706 includes:

Removal of the back cover
Battery Removal
Removal of Keyboard
Removal of GPU and processor fan
Removal of Casing
Removing hard drive
Removing wireless card
Motherboard removal
Assemble back the laptop

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