Repair MSI Gaming Laptop Processor Fan and Graphics Fan Not Working or Spinning

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The problem of this laptop the fan is spinning, even the GPU and CPU temperature reaches above 80 degrees still, the fan doesn’t work. Until the MSI Laptop automatically shut down to prevent damages. The specs of the laptop in Intel i7, 16 GB DDR4 memory and a graphics of Nvidia GTX 1070m.

As you can see in the video, the CPU and GPU fan is not working or both fans is at 0 rpm. This laptop was bought from eBay but when I test it, here’s the output.

As I check the internet for whatever causes, some advice that I need to update my bios, firmware, etc but those things didn’t work.

The only thing works for me is replacing the fan.

1. Remove all screws at the back of the laptop
2. Remove cover
On this location, the processor, GPU fan, battery, m.2 SSD, hard disk drive and the two ddr3 SODIMM memory slot are easily accessible for replacement, upgrade or repair.

3. Remove the three screws if each fan.


I received my replacement fan came from eBay.

Here is the procedure I did:

  • Replace the fan
  • Install the fan
  • Return all screws including the cover
  • Power on the laptop

Then Checking the fan if it’s working. As seen on the video,  only one fan is working considering I’m making that was really the proble

Applicable MSI Laptop Model


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