SVCHOST.exe Consumes All CPU processes in Windows 7

Published on November 25, 2018 by

It happens when my computer suddenly slows down. So I check which processes consume my resources using the task manager and performance tab. I found out that all remaining processes are all consumed by svchost. Take note you can delete this on the processes tab in task manager but some windows function doesn’t work. So in order to work it again, you need to fix what is really the problem. And here’s my solution;

Some say the computer is infected with a virus, and other say software related issue, some say a malware but I couldn’t find the exact solution of this problem.

In Windows 7 this problem can be fixed by applying a Windows update. It can also be fixed by right clicking my computer, select properties, select advanced system settings, click “performance tab”, select adjust for best performance. And it works for me recently. But doing the procedure I update first my windows 7 computer and adjust those settings

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