TP-link Archer AC1350 Basic Settings – Wireless, Network and Internet Configuration

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To access the settings, open a web browser, type the IP address you set in your TP-Link router. Mine is, but most of the time I used the or configuration. Then type your username and address.

Network map

In this field, you will see the internet status and determine whether you are connected to the internet or not.

Wired clients mean all your devices currently connected through the wired network, it is a LAN port of the said router.

For wireless clients, this is the place where wifi devices such as a laptop, tablets, and phones recorded.


Dynamic IP – select this setting if your isp provide. It doesn’t matter you used “do not clone mac address” or “clone current computer mac address.” Your ISP provider will automatically provide your IP address settings once connected.

Static IP – select this setting if your internet service provider provide this options and fill-up the information below,

PPPoE – Just enter the username password the isp provider given

PPTP – The same with PPPoE.

Wireless – A place where you can change the Wifi Network Name (SSID)  and password. The settings have two bandwidth options, a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz.

Parental controls – A place where you set-up blocking and time control for internet usage.

Guest Network – a place where you setup wifi connectivity and allow a guest user to connect the device and the internet.

Check the allow guest to connect to see each other if you want them to communicate. It is ideal for guest that wanted to play network games.

In allow guest to access my local network. Check this if you understand the settings, if not leave it unchecked.

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