Convert or Update Your TP-LINK Router into a High Power Router with DD-WRT

Published on December 4, 2018 by

The first thing to do is to access your router i.p address. In my case, I configure my device with a gateway of, the user account is admin; user password is depending on a password you input during initial installation.

Here’s my current configuration of TP-LInk router settings. As you see in my previous video of entitled:

TP-link Archer Basic Settings – Wireless, Network, and Internet Configuration, I included the link at the description section of this video.

But before doing some changes in this router. I need to save a backup file of the router’s current configuration by selecting the advanced tab and select backup and restore.

After saving the backup file, Click firmware upgrade, then browse the downloaded file and select it and click yes to confirm. The router will restart and reload after this process.

But the sad thing is you can’t log in through GUI. To solve the problem

download and install putty, just download depending on your operating system version.

Type the router IP address ( in my configuration), and click open

  • login as: root and leave the password blank
  • type: opkg update
  • type: opkg install luci
  • then type: reboot

This time the connection will terminate between putty and the router. Wait for a while to finish the process, and the device will automatically restart. Then, Open any web browser and type the router’s I.P address like this;

  • The default username: root
  • password: empty

You can configure the password later. Then once you are in the main menu of the OpenWrt, you may apply the upgrade of the firmware. Just go to the system tab, select Backup/Flash Firmware. at Flash new firmware image, Select choose file (where you save the flash ROM ), then click a flash image. Be sure the keep settings is check.

Verify then proceed. Wait for a while to finish the process.


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