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Epson L355 Wifi All in one Printer Review

The Epson L355 is a wifi  multifunction  all in one printer; the machine  can   scan, copy and print all at one in this great gadget. This printer  uses a original Epson 4 Colors  Continuous Ink System consisting of black, cyan,  magenta and yellow.
The Refill of each colors cost around US$10.00 in The Philippine Market, which is cheaper compare to the original cartridges with the same model.
The cost of original cartridge for this type of Epson printer  cost around US$ 10.00 to US$ 20.00 per cartridge around 6 to 8 ml capacity. This Epson Printer Model cost approximately US$ 250.00 including together with the continuous ink system.
The Epson L300, Epson L350 and Epson L355 multifunction printer  comes with a bundle of  2 bottle extra black ink. For every bottle refill the Epson high capacity ink comes with a unique 13-digit code to ensures its authenticity and to avoid piracy or cloning the products.

L355 ink

The 70 ml ink bottle claimed to be able it can print up to approximately 4000 pages of text print. The actual pages claim may vary depending of what type to be print such as photo print using the best photo settings or text printing with images in a plain paper.With the cheap price of ink per bottle, it allows you to print your work, projects, theses, office documents including but limited to photo printing  (See Epson L800 Printer)  without worrying the replacement of expensive cartridges. Since you don’t need to replace the original cartridge located in the printer head.

The advantages and disadvantages of Epson L-series Printer

The Printer Features:

    • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connectivity
    • Wireless Printing with Epson iPrint™
    • Space-saving Design
    • Superb Savings and Page Yield
    • One Touch Scan and Copy

The comparison of  the former Epson Printer model

I considered these Epson L350 wifi printer comparable to Epson ME320, Epson TX121 or Epson TX220. By Comparing   printer, the Epson L355 prints borderless 4R Photo and finished it within 69 seconds while the former prints at the speed of 91 seconds.

The big difference between the Epson L355 and the compared printer is  the integrated  original Epson continuous ink system. To the previous version of  printer with almost the same specs, it  allows you  to convert it through third party ink system manufacturer with the risk of sacrificing  Epson  Printer Warranty to be able to print at low cost.

The more thing the Epson L350 Printer it has advantage is the technology integrated to the device. Such as:

    • Wifi connectivity
    • The Iprint Technology
    • The one touch copy and more

Overall the Epson L355  Multifunction inkjet printer is still recommended as replacement or upgrade  Epson ME320, Epson TX121,  Epson TX220 printer.

All of the printer compare mention above is compatible to Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 PC. For Mac Users, there is a compatibility issue regarding the installation of L series printer, check this Epson guide to fix your problem.

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