Epson L800 Printer

The Epson L800 Review and Comparison

The Epson L800 uses  original Epson 6 Colors Continuous Ink System consisting  of black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta and  yellow.

The Refill of each colors cost approximately US$ 40.00, which is cheaper compare to original cartridges. Before the cost of original cartridge for this kind of Epson printer model cost  around US$ 15.00 to US$ 20.00 per cartridge at 6 to 8 ml capacity.

This Epson Printer Model cost approximately US$ 520.00 including its continuous ink system.For every 70 ml bottle refill, the Epson high capacity ink comes with a unique 13-digit code to  ensures its authenticity.

The 70 ml  ink bottle  claimed to be able to print up to 1800 pieces of 4R size pictures at Epson photo paper. With that cheap price of ink per bottle, you can  print your work, projects, documents and pictures without worrying the replacement of expensive cartridges since you don’t have to replace the cartridge inside the printer.With  its Micro Piezo print head technology  together with 6 colors dye ink.The Epson L800 able to produce excellent print quality and delivers sharp , bright, and smooth crisp  photographs.

The Epson L800 Photo Lab Printer has water, scratch and fade resistant properties that after printing  photographs it can be preserved for a long period of time.

The system is fitted with air filters and  tank caps to control dust from entering the bottle to  ensure  minimal print head clogging.The Epson L800 can print directly print onto the top of printable inkjet  surface  compact disk and DVD’s.

The advantages and disadvantages of Epson L-series Printer

The Printer Features:

    • Epson FIT (Fast ink Top up) technology
    • Epson FIT technology: Epson Original Ink Tanks
    • Epson FIT technology: Special ink tubes
    • Epson FIT technology: Choke Valve
    • Quality Prints with Genuine Inks
    • CD Printing Capability

The comparison to previous model

I considered this printer comparable to:

  • Epson T50
  • Epson Stylus Photo T60
  • Epson P60 Printer
  • 6 colors the Epson Artisan

Compare the printer above, a slight difference in performance in speed but in print quality, I considered it both incredible.

The only difference between the Epson L800 and compared model is the continuous ink system. The Epson L800 uses original continuous ink system (built-in to the printer) and covers 1 year  warranty  from supplier while the compared model don’t have that features.

If you want to convert your Epson Stylus Photo Printer into Bottomless ink System (CIS), you have to buy from third party manufacturer which Epson automatically voids your printer warranty.

Overall the Epson L800 inkjet  printer is still recommended as replacement of Epson T60, Epson P60 or Epson T50 Printer Model. All of the printer mention above is compatible to Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8  Machine. For Mac Users, there is a compatibility issue regarding the installation of L series printer, check this Epson guide to fix your problem.

If you want a professional print out of your photographs. I recommend to buy this Epson L800 printer.

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