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Windows iso file

How to Create USB Bootable Windows 8 or Windows 7

Know how to create a USB Bootable Windows 8, Windows 7 and even Windows XP Operating System. USB Bootable Windows installer is important especially for those  computer  doesnt have a DVD/CDRom drive. It also used when installing windows operating system  for netbook computer.In this guide I’ve used Poweriso Software to create bootable USB Driver. Before […]

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restore windows 8 start menu

Restore Start Menu in Windows 8 Computer

Download this Windows 8 program to restore the  start menu and follow the guide.Then Follow the instructions below Download and install the program Click Continue Click the Start Button to pin the program Scroll Down and click the arrow to browse the hidden program, and click the Start button This is the Final Start Menu Item Done! […]

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Backup and burn files using iso

Convert Optical Disc File into ISO File for Backup Process

It is a good idea to transfer your files optical media into ISO file or any related format. In this way you can protect your data from sudden error like corrupted files, error reading due to scratches. In this procedure, I’m using a free program to accomplish the backup process

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