Epson T13 x Complete assemble

Epson T13 Inkjet Printer Complete Disassemble Guide

If the printer have a trouble such as paper feeding problem or if you need to clean  up inside.

All you have to do is to remove the printer cover and take apart the screws and printer parts one by one.

This disassembling Guide is identical to the following printer:

  • Epson  T13
  • Epson T13x
  • Epson T22e
  • Epson N11
  • Epson T22
  • Epson  S22

Epson Disassembling Guide Part 1

Printer Casing Removal Guide

Epson T13 Disassembling Guide Part 2

Removing Epson T13x Board and head Area removal guide

Disassembling waste ink pad Removing waste ink pad.

After removing the waste ink pad, either replace or clean the pad before returning it on the printer.

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