Windows 7 Drive become Ram

The Hard disk Drive Suddenly Become Raw

The common cause of Hard disk drive become raw are:

  • Sudden restart of computer because of power fluctuation
  • Sudden restart because of driver incompatibility
  • Improper shutdown
  • Power Blackout
  • Failing hard disk drive
  • For external drive, it might be removed while transferring files   and not properly ejecting the device

The raw error of hard disk drive can be  corrected by connecting to another computer. When Windows detect the disk drive is in trouble, the chkdsk utility automatically scan the  drive and fix the raw error. Sometimes it takes  3 to 5 tries (restart) before the Windows operating system able to detect the error.

Tested this fix in Windows XP and And Windows 7 Operating system.

But if the chkdsk utility won’t start during bootup of the computer, this troubleshooting tips link  might help you .