Windows Blue screen of death

Windows 8 – Your PC need to be repaired and Boot BCD Error Repair

The problem of this computer is black screen at start-up.  Power on the  Windows 8 Computer initializes the devices  and the Windows 8 logo appears for a while,  then  it turns to  black.

This time the only thing you can see is the mouse pointer. Waiting for a while, waiting too long doesn’t solve the issue.

So I proceed the troubleshooting procedure;

“fix the problem”

Because of lack experience regarding Windows 8 Operating System repair. I used the idea almost the same as repairing  Windows 7.

Automatic and advance Repair

But I did some mistake because:

  • I used third party software, never  used it before in repairing Windows computer except for password recovery. The only thing you can do to this free program is checking  the disk drive for possible system error through command prompt. But for this error you have to buy premium version. In fact just testing the program on how effective is it.

These are the repair procedure I’ve done:

  • 1. download and install lazesoft recovery – Download Here
  • 2. create usb bootable lazesof
  • 3. configure the boot sequence from internal disk drive to removable device

After the above preparation, I  insert the flash drive (removable device) and power on the computer. Boot process kick in, Initialization of hardware starts, finally   the selection appears where to start, I’ve select the  lazesoft recovery. On the Lazesoft recovery options,

select the options windows recovery

In this program I can only used the Windows Command Prompt since some important recovery tools are locked up for commercial used of this software. During scanning the system detect some errors of the disk and automatically fixed it. After the scanning, restart the computer and at the same time removing the usb flash drive.

That start up loads and wew.. another troubles comes in;

the bootbcd error and  with a message attached “your pc needs to be repaired”

If I’m not wrong the message is “boot bcd 0xc0000034”

This time the black screen problem disappear but  another error apper, Windows   blue screen of death (BSOD).

So another error means another way of solving the problem.

To fix the the BSOD error I create  bootable USB  of Windows 8 operating system. Then insert to usb port and boot the computer through it.

You can also use your original DVD Installer, just be sure to boot sequence is set  to boot  first in your DVD drive before the disk drive

The repair of Windows 8 Error  Procedure:

  • At startup of Windows 8 Installation “Select your language to install”  and the “keyboard settings” and click next
  • Then click “repair your computer” located at the lower left side of the screen
  • Click “Troubleshoot
  • Click “Advance options”
  • Click “Automatic Repair

The repair process start, the diagnosing pc and attempting repair  message would appear and the computer automatically restart. Then the message attempting repair would appear again, the attempting repair process may take 15 to 25 minutes.

After the attempting repair, the computer restart again and it’s now working at this time.

Black Screen error and “your pc needs to be repaired” error – Windows 8 Video


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