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How to Uninstall Program or Device Drivers in Windows 7 Computer

Some new user of Windows computer asked a very simple question. How to uninstall the program? some just delete the shortcut icon desktop  and thinking that the application is now never existed in their computer. In fact the actual file is still there and can be used anytime they want.

To Remove or Uninstall the Program Go to:

  • Click Start (Windows Icon)
  • Select  Control Panel, In View by: click drop down menu and select small icons
  • Select Programs & Features and open it
  • Right Click the program you want to uninstall and click uninstall

The program uninstall will launch and sometimes will ask you to what to do such as, automatic uninstall; repair; uninstall. Depending what you need just select one of those options. The uninstall process varies depending of the application installed, some program ask you to input captcha to complete the process. Some applications requires you to restart the computer

Note: Be careful uninstalling the program especially when it is a driver for you hardware. If you don’t know what are the installed program and there uses, just search around the internet to avoid further trouble.

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