Desktop startup error

Fixboot Repair Bootmgr is Missing Press Ctrl Alt Delete Error

This is one of the most common problem comes in Windows Computer. Before Doing any procedure of repair such as backing up your data and reformatting or any other steps like using a third party software. You may try to use this procedure first before proceeding to another of troubleshooting

Insert the Windows 7 Installation or Repair disk into your drive and reboot the System. When Press any key to boot from disk just press any key in your keyboard to boot in your Windows 7 Installer DVD or USB.

Guide how to change  boot order sequence to usb disk

    •  It will prompt you language selection option click Next
    • You will see the option  Repair your Computer
    • Select Repair your computer option
    • The selection of different type of repair appears
  • Select  Command Prompt

Then change the command prompt destination from X:> to C:> and type the following command

  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /RebuildBCD

Watch the Video  of Bootmgr is Missing Press Ctrl Alt Delete Error


  • aalia lyon 7 years ago

    Great blog!!!! Its really helps you to solve your problem go through it and free from your problem
    BOOTMGR Missing in Windows 7
    Aalia lyon

  • shrestha navin 6 years ago

    Hey man, i am having problem booting my operating system(win-10).. it always says the digital signature for the file:(windowssystem-32winload.exe) couldn't be verified…… it neither boots nor take any recovery.. thus tell me how can i repair and boot my operating system?????

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