create iso files for backup

How to Make CD or DVD Disc Files into ISO File and Burn it to DVD or CD Disc

Converting files into iso, bin, daa or compressing files using winrar or winzip can make your file last longer. If you have files in the DVD Disc or CD disc or any optical media, copy it quickly into your disk drive so that you have a backup file in case your optical media fails due to scratches and cracks.

In this example I created a Windows XP ISO File using the original copy of Windows XP CD.

Converting to ISO file

    • Insert the CD or DVD Drive
    • Open Poweriso
    • Click Copy in the Poweriso menu
    • Select CD/DVD/BD Image File
    • Then Select the Source drive (DVD-RW)- the location of files  to be converted into .iso file. In this case the location is the DVD Writer Drive. 
  • Below  the destination of  file created – Where the copy files will be saved

The Different Destination File

    • *.iso – ISO file is an image of an entire CD, DVD, BD or entire folder
    • *.bin – BIN file contain ALL the data stored on the original disc including not only its files and folders but also its systems information
  • *.daa – DAA is a format for an image file, which supports some advanced features, such as compression, password protection, and splitting to multiple volumes

When creating an image copy of your CD or DVD you can use either 3 choices. But when creating a Bootable files into your USB Disk Drive, it is advisable to used the iso settings.

In this example I  select the iso  image file settings,  since I am comfortable dealing this file format and I will used it to create a USB bootable device.

And without using the poweriso or magiciso, I  can still view and  extract the file. By the way there are more  programs that can open iso image file compare to .bin and .daa file.

The Conversion Process

After selecting the source and destination disk or folder just hit ok. At this time the copying of files from CD/DVD started and at the same time converting it into an iso image file. After the copyying and converting process completed,  go to the location of disk folder and check if the converted file exist.

The Copying and Burning Files to Optical Media

If you want to copy the .iso files in your blank CD or blank DVD. Insert the Optical Disck into your DVD Writer Drive and Open the Poweriso Program.

To burn the ISO, BIN or DAA File

    • Click Burn in Poweriso Menu
    • In the Image File – Click and and find the location of files to be burn
    • Burning Drive –  If you have multiple optical disc drive, select the proper one
    • Burning Speed – If there is a selection, select the average writing speed
  • Click Burn

The burn or copying process into CD/DVD Disc start, wait until it reaches to 100 percent. The DVD Disc will be ejected once it finish processing. Then you have an options to burn or copy again to optical media or you can press exit to end the program.